Judy Christenberry

Judy Christenberry — The Nine-Month Bride

Rancher Lucas Boyd desperately wants a son, but after tragically losing his wife and child, he can’t risk loving again. So where to find a surrogate «mother» to carry his child–one who won’t ask for too much?Local librarian Susannah Langston secretly aches for a baby. But as the oldest living virgin in town, she has no illusions [...]

Judy Christenberry — Rent A Millionaire Groom

Quick–check the phone book under »Groom»!Independent lady Elise Foster didn’t want a husband–but she was desperate for a fiancé. To pacify her marriage-hungry family, she had to find a hunk she could pass off as her man-in-waiting. Then the perfect candidate–gorgeous James Dillon–adopted the part of adoring fiancé as if [...]

Judy Christenberry — Never Let You Go

JED KNEW MEN AND HORSES. AND HE UNDERSTOOD A LITTLE ABOUT WOMEN.But born illegitimate, a lifelong loner, what the cowboy didn’t understand–would probably never understand–was families.Which meant that the attraction he felt for rich, pretty rancher Beth Kennedy was just that. Attraction. Nothing more. There was no future in it–no house [...]

Judy Christenberry — The Bride's Best Man

WHAT COULD COME OFA LITTLE HARMLESS FLIRTATION, ANYWAY?It wasn’t as if she wanted to be a bride, after all. And maybe it will give Shelby Cook some answers about the mystery man who has been corresponding with her beloved Aunt Kay for the past fifteen years. And really spending time with his Closest friend, Pete Campbell, wasn’t going [...]