Lynne Graham — Kreeka miljardäri mässuline pruut

Mees sai teada, et naine on tema lapse ema – järelikult peab naisest saama tema pruut! Maribel oli olnud häbelik neitsi, kuni veetis ühe kireöö nägusa Leonidas Pallisega. Naine oli kindel, et meest ei ajendanud selleks mitte iha tema järele, vaid mees oli otsinud lihtsalt lohutust. Kuid Leonidas ei teadnud, et… Maribel jäi temast [...]

Lynne Graham — The Sicilian’s Stolen Son

At the Sicilian’s bidding…and bedding!The only link Jemima Barber has to her troubled late twin sister is her nephew. So when the boy’s father storms into their lives, to reclaim the child who was stolen from him, Jemima lets the forbidding Sicilian believe she is her smooth seductress of a sister.Though his son’s mother might be gentler [...]

Lynne Graham — The Greek's Blackmailed Mistress

‘I do have an option to offer you.’Three months between the Greek’s sheets!Blackmailed into the billionaire’s bed? Elvi can’t believe her attempt to appeal to heartless Xan’s benevolent side has gone so wrong! But to save her step-mother’s job, she nervously agrees to the Greek’s outrageous terms. Xan is gorgeous with a damaged [...]