Roz Denny Fox

Roz Fox — Welcome To My Family

FLINTRIDGE, MICHIGAN.It’s Kathleen O’Halloran’s hometown. It’s also Slater Kowalski’s. And it’s a town divided.Kat and her exuberant family live in the part of Flintridge known as the Hill; Slater is from the Ridge.Slater is the president of Flintridge Motors; Kat’s family works for his rival. Ridge and [...]

Roz Fox — Trouble at Lone Spur

Settle down for a warm, wonderful read by the talented Roz Denny Fox!–Kristin HannahThe Lone Spur RanchCrockett County, TexasLizbeth Robbins has been following the rodeo circuit for the past six years, learning the farrier’s trade, dragging her little girl from town to town. But now her daughter’s in school and Lizbeth needs a more [...]

Roz Fox — Mom's The Word

She’s all alone–and pregnant!Things have not gone well for Hayley Ryan. Her beloved grandfather is dead. Her no-good ex-husband not only abandoned her for another woman but stole Hayley’s inheritance–and left her pregnant. All she has now is a piece of property to camp on–and a secret mine that might or might not [...]

Roz Fox — Lost but not Forgotten

Our Beloved Katie11-18-00Finding a silver urn by the side of a country road–you’d call that unusual, wouldn’t you? Ex-cop Mitch Valetti certainly does.He knows this has to be a precious object, the memory of a life, and Mitch is determined to find the person who lost it.Unbeknownst to him, the person in question is a woman going by [...]