Sarah Mallory

Sarah Mallory — To Catch a Husband…

“I AM OFF TO LONDON, TO SEEK MY FORTUNE! ” Impoverished husband-hunter Kitty Wythenshawe knows what she must achieve by the end of her London Season—marriage to a wealthy gentleman will save her mother from a life of drudgery. After all, love doesn’t pay the bills.Wealthy landowner Daniel Blackwood is proud to be an industrialist, even if [...]

Sarah Mallory — Lady Beneath the Veil

SECRETS AT THE ALTAR…When Gideon Albury lifts his new bride’s veil he can’t believe his eyes–this dark-haired dab of a girl isn’t the blonde beauty he’s been courting! Stunned, Gideon resolves to seek an annulment at the earliest opportunity, but to do so he must first make sure Dominique Rainault’s virtue stays [...]

Sarah Mallory — The Earl's Runaway Bride

Back in her husband’s bed!Felicity’s husband, dashing Major Nathan Carraway, has disappeared into war-torn Spain. Left alone, Felicity discovers a dark secret behind her whirlwind marriage and flees to England! By day she banishes every thought of her husband, but by night she’s haunted by memories of their intensely passionate wedding [...]