Tina Leonard

Tina Leonard — Her Secret Sons

Pepper Forrester has been keeping a secret–make that two secrets–for years. When the love of her life, Luke McGarrett, took off after high school not knowing she was pregnant, she didn’t bother to track him down. He’d always wanted to shake the dust of Tulips, Texas, off his boots, and he certainly wouldn’t need an instant [...]

Tina Leonard — Ranger's Wild Woman

Happily ever after meant concussions and busted legs–at least for the Jefferson brothers. But if love meant being cursed with broken body parts, Ranger Jefferson darn sure wanted to keep his bones–and his heart–intact. To his way of thinking, even the military would be safer than snagging a Lonely Hearts lady…. But then Hannah Hotchkiss [...]

Tina Leonard — Laredo's Sassy Sweetheart

Laredo Jefferson was eight seconds from shaking the dust of Union Junction, Texas, from his boots. Eight seconds from discovering the Something Big he was destined to do.He couldn’t reckon how he’d promised those eight seconds to sweet filly Katy Goodnight, but he sure as shootin’ knew why. He wanted to be her hero. And that [...]