Zakia Bayguzhina

Zakia Bayguzhina — DNA Reveals Its Secret

Another DNA mystery has been solved, which in fact is very simple and lies literally on the surface. Based on the RM discovery, made by the author, a hypothesis is put forward that makes it possible to look at the development of malignant neoplasms from a different [...]

Zakia Bayguzhina — DNA and Cancer

There are several theories that explain the occurrence of such a formidable disease as cancer. But is there a unifying beginning in them? Is there a single mechanism of tumor formation, and is that invisible, hidden thread found? The new concept will try to reveal these relationships and explain the possible mechanism of the formation of malignant [...]

Zakia Bayguzhina — Unknown Green Energy

The dramatic climate change associated with the use of natural resources is alarming and force us to start searching for new safe types of energy. And the time has come to take a closer look at what surrounds us, and first, at a living cell. The world of the cell still keeps its secrets. It amazes and fascinates how a living cell provides itself [...]