Генри Джеймс


Daisy Miller (Генри Джеймс)

Daisy Miller is a novella by Henry James that first appeared in Cornhill Magazine in June–July 1878, and in book form the following year. It portrays the courtship of the beautiful American girl Daisy Miller by Winterbourne, a sophisticated compatriot of hers. His pursuit of her is hampered by her own flirtatiousness, which is frowned upon by [...]

The Turn Of The Screw (Генри Джеймс)

The Turn of the Screw, originally published in 1898, is a novella written by Henry James. The story, a part of Gothic and ghost story genres, first appeared in serial format in Collier’s Weekly magazine (27 January – 16 April 1898). In October 1898 it appeared in The Two Magics, a book published by Macmillan in New York City and Heinemann [...]

Крылья голубки (Генри Джеймс)

Главный герой, связанный помолвкой с юной соотечественницей, знакомится с красавицей американкой, наследницей громадного состояния. С каждым днем положение становится все более [...]

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