Sharon Swan – Husband In Harmony

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О книге
«Sharon Swan – Husband In Harmony»

Mixing Business And Pleasure– Or Just Getting Mixed Up?Adam Lassiter is one of the top men in his field, a consultant who specializes in turning around unsuccessful businesses. He’s married to his job, which explains why he’s now divorced and why he needs to put some major time and effort into winning back his eight-year-old son’s affection. Adam has a plan to get closer to the boy: a combined business and vacation trip to a run-down campground in the mountains above Harmony, Arizona, to see if he can salvage the campground–and his relationship with his little boy.But after a few hours at Glory Ridge with Jane Pitt, the owner–plain Jane, as she calls herself–Adam realizes he’s out of his depth. In more ways than one…Jane is, too, of course. And neither of them knows what to do with their powerful attraction to the other!Welcome to Harmony

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